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Price Optimization and Sales Incentives Deliver Profitability

Posted by Robert Kugel on Jun 24, 2011 2:30:43 PM

Two software applications I follow, price and revenue optimization (PRO) and sales compensation and incentives, can be highly complementary when used together. Unfortunately, since they typically are developed and sold by different kinds of software vendors, scant attention has been paid to the value of using them in tandem. I advise companies that have adopted a PRO strategy to use an incentive management application also to support and reinforce their optimization efforts. It is also part of our research agenda and education on sales  for 2011 and beyond.

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Topics: Predictive Analytics, Operational Performance Management (OPM), revenue optimization, sales management, Business Analytics, Business Performance Management (BPM), Financial Performance Management (FPM), pricing, Sales Performance Management (SPM), Workforce Performance Management (WPM), incentive management, Price optimization, Profitability